Nilda's Closet

A Component of  She Leads Justice’s Legal Education Program

Many of the clients who come to She Leads Justice are some of the most vulnerable people in Connecticut: mothers earning less than $25,000 a year. They are already facing an economic battle to provide for their families and their legal issues tend to add to that struggle.

Thanks to the support of community members like you, “Nilda’s Closet” (affectionately named after She Leads Justice’s Bilingual Community Advocate, Nilda Rivera), is filled with books, winter gloves, toiletries, gift cards for groceries—basic essentials to help families through financial distress.

Support women and families by helping She Leads Justice fill “Nilda’s Closet”.

Ways in which you can fill Nilda’s Closet:

For questions and more information, please contact Denise Rhone, She Leads Justice’s Legal Education Manager at 860.247.6090 or