Equal Education for Girls & Women

She Leads Justice has decades of experience advocating for equal education opportunities. Whether you have questions on Title IX, sexual harassment or another issue, She Leads Justice’s I&R service can help you understand your rights and explain your options.

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She Leads Justice publishes informational booklets on many legal topics.  Please call the I&R line if you are interested in receiving booklets. Some of our booklets are also available to download here.


Sexual Harassment in the Workplace and Students

How can students and employers protect themselves from sexual harassment in the workplace?

An ongoing study conducted by She Leads Justice found a need for today’s youth to learn about workplace harassment and discrimination. Many students cannot properly identify sexually harassing behaviors which can make them susceptible to becoming victimized.

She Leads Justice has created a new curriculum module that teaches about the many forms of sexual harassment and how to best protect oneself from harassment. Additionally, She Leads Justice put together a presentation that will take you through the curriculum with a more interactive approach.

Sexual Harassment in School

What is my school responsible for?    

The school is responsible for:

  • Making public who the Title IX Coordinator is
  • Reinforcing that sexual harassment will not be tolerated
  • Posting guidelines on how to report incidents
  • Following through on a sexual harassment complaint

As a student, whom can I talk to if I feel I’m being harassed? Go directly to your Title IX Coordinator – to fully protect your rights, you must ultimately report it to them. If you don’t know who that is, talk to a favorite teacher or other staff person at the school.

Gender Equity in School Sports

What is Title IX?                                                                                                 

Title IX is the federal law that prohibits schools from treating students differently simply because of their gender.

My school spends more money on the boys’ programs than the girls’ programs. Is this a Title IX violation?                                                                                  

Title IX does not require that schools spend the same amount of money on boys’ and girls’ sports. Instead, schools should show the reasons for this imbalance.