50 Years of She Leads Justice



Published a nonpartisan Voter & Candidate Guide for elections in 2022 and a Legislative Change Toolkit for the 2023 legislative session. These valuable resources were created for women to get involved and take action on issues they care about, and accessibly designed for lower literacy rates and neurodivergence.


She Leads Justice hired our first Community Organizing Director in June 2022 to build an even stronger connection between our direct service Legal Education program and public policy work and ensure our legislative advocacy efforts represent the communities we serve. We’ve increased the number of women of color participating in legislative advocacy efforts, like our Women’s Wisdom Circles, to inform bold, anti-racist policy change.


She Leads Justice was proud to lead the passage of P.A. 21-30, An Act Concerning The Disclosure Of Salary Range For A Vacant Position.


Janée Woods Weber joins as She Leads Justice’s new Executive Director. For the first time, She Leads Justice is Black-led with a leadership team primarily comprised of women of color.


She Leads Justice launched the She Leads Justice project, an innovative program to develop former Legal Education clients into peer advocates and agents of change in their own communities.


The CT Campaign for Paid Family Leave coalition, led by She Leads Justice, wins passage of comprehensive paid leave.


She Leads Justice began as Co-Chair of the Connecticut Campaign for Paid Family Leave.


She Leads Justice guided a bipartisan working-group of advocates and lawmakers to champion P.A. 18-8: An Act Concerning Pay Equity.


She Leads Justice started Generating Girls’ Opportunities (G²O). G²O increased girls’ exposure to STEM.


She Leads Justice worked with other to ensure that the sale of Sharon hospital was contingent on the provision of reproductive healthcare for patients.


She Leads Justice played a key leadership role to pass a co-parent adoption law in 2000 and legalize same-sex marriage in 2008.


Conducted a study that informed She Leads Justice’s Girls’ Athletic Equity Project.


She Leads Justice expanded its community education program by translating all of its educational materials into Spanish.


She Leads Justice helped Lea Dickson and Barbara Hall win their Title IX case.


August 17th, She Leads Justice was incorporated in its first location in New Haven.